Missionary Support Application

Please fill out the form below to apply for financial support for a missionary ministry from Covenant Church.  If you need to send any information beyond that in the form, please send it in an email to covenant@covenantchurchpca.org.

Name(s) and birthdate(s) of missionary candidate(s) and family members

Email Address

Phone Number

Short testimony of relationship with Christ for each candidate and family member, where appropriate

Candidate's brief statement of faith

Church membership

Biblical language proficiencies and number of years of study

World language proficiencies

Books or treatises written on missions or related issues

Country for planned ministry

Specific type of planned ministry (e.g. pastoral, engineer, translator, medical, business, technological, etc.)

Qualifications or skills related to planned ministry

How was your calling confirmed?

Commissioning church

Other churches supporting your ministry

Financial support goal

Medical insurance

Retirement program

Have you attended a Perspective course in the last 10 years?

Please attach names, addresses, and phone numbers of your last 3 employers

Please attach names, addresses, and phone numbers of 3 additional references

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